“Before meeting Jasmin, I was completely lost. One day I would wake up wanting to go back to work and the next one I would just want to lay down on my bed all day. I coudn’t make up my mind. I was overthinking every single thought.
Since the first session, Jasmin helped to organise all those thoughts and focused on the positive things. She never told me what to do but guided me through the decision process using specific tools according to the way I work best. She is an excellent coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
— Gloria,Brand Manager, Bangkok
Thanks Jasmin for introducing me to EFT and it’s wonderful benefits. I didn’t know what to expect at first but was wowed by how well the therapy worked.

Thanks to the sessions we did together I was able to let go of a lot emotional baggage I had been carrying for many years and able to move on. Thanks to you I feel that I am now a better parent, emotionally stronger and calmer in many ways. Thank you.
— Carolina, Life & Wellbeing Strategist, Bangkok
The first time I attended a talk by Jasmine I was very impressed by minute 1. She is present with such clarity and simplicity that her messages gets to you in a very powerful yet elegant and subtle way. Besides, I believe she brings a unique point of view to the table and one that is urgently needed, how women can feel they have it all and how to celebrate the unique values and skills we bring to the world.
— Multinational Corporate client, Bangkok
Jasmin has the ability to make you feel at ease from the moment you engage with her. Jasmin is extremely talented at picking up on key issues during discussions – it is like she has a 6th sense that allows her to hone in on something you may have said in passing, helping you to explore the point further, which usually leads to one of those great “aha!” moments. I had had experience with other coaches in the past and what distinguishes Jasmin from the rest is the very real impact her session have on your day-to-day life and the speed at which this happens. I left each session feeling energise, determined, confident and uplifted, and my husband and family really noticed a difference. I came to Jasmin as a worn-out, overwhelmed mother battling with self-doubt and a bit of an identity crisis. After only a few sessions, I had made small but impactful changes to my day to day life (with a positive ripple effect on my whole family), and am now on the path to pursuing something I would never have dared entertain as a real option career-wise. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with Jasmin.
— Lisa, Independent Consultant, Bangkok
I am beyond happy in my new career. I feel like myself again. When I look back at the last few years I actually don’t even recognise myself. You helped me realise that Retail was the right direction for me and I went for it and it all fell into place. Thank you, Jasmin.
— Chantal, Owner of FairPrice Antique, Singapore
I heard about life coaches, career coaches and more. Initially, I was looking for a career coach thinking that my personal life was pretty much in order after I went through a few bumps a year or two ago. I was ready to close that chapter and welcome a new one and after some internet searching, I chanced upon Jasmin. Little did I know that the six sessions I will be having with Jasmin turned out to be the best investment ever and that in order for me to move forward with my career, there were some aspects in my life that needed some tweaking.
Jasmin has this calming presence that allowed me to remove my barriers. She listened without prejudice and asked me thought-provoking questions which made me explore a whole new perspective. I can’t really rationalize it - I consider it magical!
Things became clearer and interestingly enough, I no longer became fickle-minded. Jasmin helped me find my grand vision in life and she pointed me towards the right direction.
If you ever are in a phase where you are unclear of the next steps, lost some confidence at some point... see Jasmin. She may be named after a Disney Princess (she looks like one too) but she sure is more than that - she makes you see reality, helps you discover your strengths and unknowingly unravels the Princesses and Queens in you. After all, it was never lost... Jasmin just needed to poke it to life
— Queen K, Regional Marketing Manager, Singapore
When I learned Jasmine was offering EFT sessions, I finally worked out the courage to try EFT because I knew her and felt we would be a good fit. I am so glad I did as only in 1 session she managed to guide me to the places I needed to go, to be able to admit to myself the emotions I was feeling, to look at them and acknowledge what was real and what was not, what I needed to keep and what I needed to let go. I felt such clarity and serenity after our session! Working with Jasmine I managed to get back to the place I like to be, to feeling things are exactly the way they are supposed to be and that all will be fine
— Diana, Customer Experience Manager, Bangkok